Many Norths: Spatial Practice In A Polar Territory

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Lola Sheppard/White, Mason
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Many North charts unique, often surreal spatial realities of Canada's arctic regions, documenting the geospatial, infrastructural, techno-cultural, and architectural innovations that have enabled modern life in this territory of climatic and cultural extremes. It is a region where the reality of daily life is often stranger and more extraordinary than any fiction one could envision. This unprecedented book documents the region through five themes: settlements, architecture, mobility, monitoring, and resources. Many North reveals the challenges and opportunities of building, mobility, and culture in the dispersed communities of the Canadian North, and speculates the emergence of a contemporary northern, or arctic, vernacular. Many North offers a unique look at Canada's "many norths," uncovering the compelling story of northern inhabitation and cultural adaptation through architecture, landscape, and infrastructure development over the past 100 years

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